We capitalize in our highly skilled and competitive staff to offer construction services of any nature and size ranging from the construction of residential houses to diverse structures of any magnitude and size. 24097000

Design Reviews

Our qualified staff allows us to have design insight on all structures we are involved in. We have capacity to offer a total solution to our customers in that we can start a project from Initiation, Design through to Construction and Maintenance. We come in a very handy on alterations and extension projects with our design ability.

In order to create value for you, we build long-term relationships that   propel our unique interest and goals forward. We offer consultation services for our clients so as to help them make informed decisions before starting projects. From planning, design and construction to the most relevant positioning and configuration we keep you updated and take into account your short and long-term objectives and advice you accordingly.
At Afrotim, effective co-ordination is paramount to us meeting your required needs. This includes constant attention to detail, from coordinating designs through to implementation(building Structures) Project Gallery

Our vision is to be a world class construction and maintenance company that not only provides innovative construction ideas but also plays a vital role in developing and empowering young people.


We strive to establish meaningful and vibrant partnerships;

We are committed to recruiting, empowering and retaining excellent Staff and Board Members.
Afrotim Construction continuously strive to maintain high
standards of services to her clients and remain inspired by the
challenge of achieving project and quality goals within time
constraints. The betterment of the Swazi nation is our long term
objective. We undertake from introduction to completion all civil
and building works.
Afrotim Construction strives to become the country’s leading
commercial land development service provider by working in
partnership with all kinds of customers to develop the most
effective solutions to them.
Afrotim Construction have proactive approach to land
development and will give your business maximum guarantee.
Different businesses face different land development risks and
therefore we will design a solution that will be most effective and
will work for your company.